When it comes to work,
People Matter.
A lot.

Actually, life is all about people.

And when it comes to work, we help you understand what barriers they are facing & what opportunities you can use to best support them.

We help you get deeper insights on people at work, & people looking for work.

Now you don't have to guess what to do to connect them to work and to keep them engaged at work.

How We Help You



the questions you need to understand what people need from work & what challenges they are facing in meeting these needs



what drives people to work, what barriers they may be facing in connecting to work and what meaningful work looks like for each person



on the employment barriers people are facing, the opportunities you can leverage and where you can best focus your efforts

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Bridging the Gap to Meaningful Work

There is a whole lot more to the world of work than a job and a person to do it


How do you hire the right person and build a strong team?

How do you keep your people engaged?

What should you be doing to keep the right people?

Discover How

Economic & Workforce Development

You know the unemployment stats. But what do you do about it?

Why can’t you seem to make meaningful changes with the workforce situation?

If you are struggling to make sense of what to do to, let’s show you how

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Employment Services

You’ve received the funding to place people into jobs.

Now you have to figure out what meaningful work looks like for each person.

Then you have to report back to you funders your outputs and your outcomes.

Are you ready?

We can help make the process a lot easier for you …

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Changing the work game.

Changing the game of work.

We like playing with words.

But it is true.

Just ask the data.

Customers love MatchWork

Not like love love, but they like us…like really like us.
To be fair, there have been a few break ups along the way…we are getting there

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