2020 Employment Services Study: Preliminary Findings

2020 Employment Services Study: Preliminary Findings

June 8, 2020

Preliminary Findings: 2020 Employment Services Study

MatchWork, a social enterprise technology startup, is doing a Study on the Employment Supports Ecosystem:

  1. Focused on professionals working within employment serving organizations in the US & Canada
  2. Follow up to the 2019 Study by MatchWork
  3. Early findings:
2020 Employment Services Study
Preliminary-2020 Employment Services Study findings

Early findings for the 2020 Study include (* please note these are based on respondents to date only. The final study results will be released at the end of July 2020):

  • 52% of respondents are from Canadian based orgs, 48% from US based orgs
  • 30% of organizations support people living with disabilities
  • 30% of professionals have 4 -7 years of experience working in this sector; 18% have 16 – 20 years of experience
  • 24% of professionals have a monthly income of between $5K – $10K/month
  • 18% of organizations support more than 5,000 job seekers annually
  • 41% of their clients need to find work within a month. However, 54% of them take up to 6 months to find work
  • 53% of respondents have an annual budget of between $1-5M; 6% have a budget of between $26-50M
  • Most common employment services team size ranges were 6 – 10 people and 11 – 20 people
  • 71% of respondents are using Zoom and/or Google Suites as their main work tools

The Study closes on July 17th. Please join the Study below:

To sponsor the Study, contact: [email protected]

Partnership Benefits

  • The Study will be shared with over 1,000 employment professionals from more than 500 employment serving organizations across the US and Canada.
  • The Study will also be shared with State, Provincial and Federal governments in both Canada & the US. Sponsoring the study will provide a high level of exposure for your organization with peer organizations, government decision makers, industry associations and funders.

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