How nonprofit employment services can help job seekers find meaningful work

How nonprofit employment services can help job seekers find meaningful work

September 14, 2021

When job seekers are marginalized, it can seem like all the jobs have dried up. Not everyone has good professional connections to help them find employment, nor do they always have access to job-placement agencies, especially if they are low income or homeless.

There are many marginalized groups living in poverty and struggling with finding employment and growing in their career. This includes: people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, veterans, immigrants and refugees.

This is where a nonprofit can help marginalized job seekers find meaningful work.

Nonprofits often offer several services related to finding employment, such as providing professional clothes for interviews or job application classes. They may also provide on-the-job coaching and mentoring, to give marginalized people a chance at getting their foot in the door with employers who might not otherwise be willing to take a risk and hire them.

Nonprofit organizations such as Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army and other social enterprise companies, work with marginalized workers and match them with employers seeking reliable employees. These employment programs encourage marginalized groups by providing an opportunity for success outside of poverty or the homelessness that they may be experiencing.

Many marginalized job seekers struggle to find employment because they lack educational opportunities, aren’t able to afford employment programs, or don’t know where to look for jobs that fit their skillset.

This is why a nonprofit can play such an important role in helping marginalized job seekers gain access to meaningful employment.

A nonprofit can provide disadvantaged populations with the resources necessary help them break through barriers like homelessness, illness, incarceration or addiction that prevents them from getting a decent wage and achieving financial stability.

It’s not enough for these individuals just get a paycheck; they need a sustainable income which allow them to accomplish longer term goals like owning a house or sending their children to college.

3 ways nonprofit employment services can help job seekers

1. Offer job interview coaching and provide professional clothes for interviews

When a job seeker has a chance to speak with a recruiter or hiring manager, it can be beneficial for them to have some practice beforehand.

If the candidate is well prepared and knows what to expect from the prospective employer as well as how best to answer interview questions, then they are more likely to feel at ease during the meeting.

And if you’ve ever had to go on a job interview, or have even just applied for one, you know how stressful it can be. There are so many things running through your head at once during the day of an interview that it can be hard to focus on anything else.

But did you know there is one simple thing that will significantly help you in your interview?

Feeling well dressed.

It may sound superficial, but feeling confident about what you are wearing can have a huge impact on how you present yourself during the interview process.

Interviewers are only human, and it cannot be denied that they will judge you based on your appearance. A psychologically proven fact is that when someone feels confident about what they are wearing, they feel better about themselves which carries over to how others perceive them.

Whether you are doing a phone interview or in-person interview, feeling comfortable and confident will help you think more clearly about your responses to the questions.

The last thing anyone wants during an interview is to be distracted by what they are wearing because then you can’t focus on giving your best answer possible.

When it boils down to it, not only do people who dress well for interviews feel more confident about themselves, but they also come across as being more experienced and professional which is exactly what most companies are looking for in candidates.

A nonprofit can provide free business attire to marginalized job seekers, increasing the chances that employers will hire them.

2. Offer on the job training and mentoring to marginalized groups that fit their skillset.

This increases their chances of finding and keeping work.

Mentoring is a beautiful thing.If you have a mentor, it can help you can save money and time.

And if you are looking for a job,a good mentoring relationship can help you find and keep jobs.

Here are some basic tips for getting started in mentoring and providing mentoring services for job seekers as a nonprofit:

1- Know what kind of assistance you want to give or receive.

2- Hire employment coaches or recruit volunteers who have the qualities you admire and who can add value to the job seeking clients you serve.

3- Think about what advice or information would be helpful to them now,as well as in the future.

As a nonprofit, you may have an advantage in recruiting people with a lot of experience and career success, and are looking to give back to their community.

3.Provide people living in poverty with resources like housing, healthcare, education, food & transportation.

By providing these basic needs, a non profit can help these marginalized individuals gain access to multiple opportunities which allow them to break down barriers preventing them from getting a sustainable wage.

This allows marginalized populations not only get a paycheck but accomplish long term goals such as owning a house or sending children to college.

As a nonprofit, you have a lot of options to offer several services available that can benefit marginalized job seekers not only get hired but also grow in their career.

Why finding meaningful work is important after being unemployed for so many years?

Marginalized job seekers need meaningful work not only for financial stability but to feel like they are valued members of society.

Today, marginalized groups have access to more opportunities now than ever before.

Many nonprofits have programs that help marginalized people find jobs and provide them with the resources necessary gain access to multiple employment opportunities outside poverty or homelessness.

This allows marginalized populations not just get a paycheck, but accomplish long term goals which allow them break down barriers preventing them from getting sustainable wage allowing marginalized individuals not just get a paycheck but also accomplish longer term goal such as owning home or sending children to college.

Marginalized job seekers need meaningful work not only for financial stability but to feel like they are valued members of society. That’s why we created a platform, for nonprofit employment organizations, that matches people with jobs where they can make the best contribution. We want marginalized job seekers to be able to find their place in our communities.

Join us today on MyMatchWork!

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