Job & Career Assistant

Job & Career Assistant

January 22, 2021

Welcome to the Job & Career Assistant!

No, you can find all your job search & career resources from one place.

Who is Jobify?

Jobify is a smart virtual assistant.

Ask Jobify a job search or career related question, and it will search and find the best resource for you.

Rather than showing you every possible resource, Jobify learns to find what will best support you.

How do I use Jobify?

Just click on Jobify when it appears on the bottom right of you screen.

Then type in what you need help finding.

For example: What should I include in my resume?

Jobify will find the best resource for you to read or watch from the web.

Wait, What? Is Jobify the perfect job search tool?

Oh we wish! Jobify is only a year or so old and still has a lot to learn to get there. It is quite good but learns from feedback you provide back to it.

If a resource Jobify finds is great, give it a thumbs up.

If not, well, a gentle thumbs down will help Jobify adjust and learn.

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