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MatchWork connects people through meaningful work.

MatchWork powers employment service agencies helping hard-to-employ populations find meaningful work. These include people with disabilities, older workers, veterans, refugees and new immigrants.

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Working together

Meaningful work for each person.

MatchWork’s cloud based platform helps people find fulfillment in their work. We do so by combining cutting-edge behavioral science, data tools and machine learning into a transformative technology that solves the most critical employment related challenges.

Find a job easily

How does it work?

The MatchWork platform integrates a proprietary discovery process and data which allows employment service organizations to much more easily uncover the needs of job seekers and what their most valuable skills are.

GUT: Why They Need To Work

Close Gaps

MatchWork quickly identifies the needs of job seekers and why they need to work. These intrinsic motivators determine their level of fulfillment with their employer, why they choose to stay and why they choose to leave.

Head: Their Superpowers

Person Centered Approach

MatchWork's data, and predictive analytics helps people identify and translate their unique interests, values and skills into meaningful career pathways.

Heart: What energizes them

People, Product & Process

MatchWork helps to unlock insights into what energizes job seekers in a work and career context.

Join millions of other MatchWorkers

MatchWork scales up the ability of employment support agencies, helping marginalized people find meaningful employment.