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How MatchWork Works

MatchWork supports employment services, working with people experiencing barriers to employment. We help you identify employment success factors for each person, as an individual. And we can do so at scale using our technology platform, allowing you to support more people effectively in their employment journey.

We work extremely well for the following aspects of the job seeker's journey with you:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Discovery
  3. Employment Services Planning & Reporting

Who uses MatchWork?

MatchWork is used by non-profit organizations which provide employment services to people experiencing barriers to employment. These include people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, veterans, first nations people and older workers.

Where does MatchWork fit in the employment services process?

We fit in well during the onboarding and discovery phases of your job seeker's journey. Here is how our current customers currently use MatchWork:

Here is how we use behavioral science and machine learning technology to augment & efficiently scale, what you already do well.


We have you covered with the basics of onboarding: collecting information on each job seeker, and preparing you for the discovery phase. By the time they come in to meet with you in person, you already have a clear picture of their needs, their employment background, their employment challenges and their value to employers.

You get clear, consistent and easily accessible data every time.


We help you during the discovery process by providing very valuable insight on each job seeker from three main aspects:

1.Gut - What is their driving motivation to work: While the most obvious reason for most of us is the need to make a living and pay our bills, there are other intrinsic factors which translate into job retention and employer fit. We help you identify these clearly for each person.

2.What is their superpower: Resumes have become so ubiquitous and templated that it can be challenging for employers to identify what makes each person uniquely capable to meet their needs. MatchWork easily identifies each job seeker's superpower: their unique value to employers and which forms the core of their narrative in their cover letter.

3.What energizes them at work: Work is not just work. It forms a large portion of our lives if we are fortunate to have a job. MatchWork helps each person identify what aspects of work energize them.

Managing Job Seekers and their Job Search Journey

MatchWork makes it easy for your employment services team to manage and keep track of your job seeking clients:

Employment Services Planning & Reporting

We provide you with aggregated insights on your job seekers. The dashboard allows you to easily identify the collective value proposition of your job seekers to employers, and what kind of programming you may need to focus on to level up their superpowers.

We also make it easy for you to compile the necessary information you need to report your progress and outcomes to your funders.

Interested in getting started with MatchWork for your employment services?

Send us a note at: Hello@MyMatchWork.com to get started or click here to get started.