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MatchWork update: Employability Scale

We are excited to announce the newest update to the MyMatchWork platform!

You can now get a sense of your job seeker's level of Employability - how much support they may need to find work and how ready they are to be employed.

There are Three Levels which your job seeking clients can easily self identify where they are at in their job search journey:

Level 3: I am fully capable of finding work on my own and need a bit of guidance.

Level 2: I need some guidance and support in identifying employment and/or training opportunities.

Level 1: I don't know where to begin and need help in finding work.

MyMatchWork is a workflow & data platform for employment agencies working with marginalized populations helping them simplify their employment services and better understand what is working. It is intended to:

1. Improve client discovery: If you are struggling to better understand your clients and how ready they are to be employed.

2. Simplify your team's work: MatchWork allows you to see where your clients are in their job search journey, and allows teams to share notes with each other.

3. Understand your data: Get a simplified visual dashboard with insights on the data you collect. Our customers share this data and outcomes with their funders and Boards.

You can begin accessing this information right away with your new clients.

Hope you find it helpful!

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