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Press Release: MyMatchWork and enhancing the employability of older workers nationally

Alberta tech startup MatchWork selected to enhance the employability of older workers nationally

August 26, 2019


● Alberta based MyMatchWork (MatchWork), has been selected as one of AGE-WELL

NCE’s (Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness,

Engagement and Long Life NCE Inc.) Catalyst 25 projects for its Core Research Program.

● MatchWork is a technology startup focused on solutions for people experiencing

barriers to employment and for employers struggling with retention, using its machine

learning platform.

● MatchWork provides valuable insights to employment service agencies, employers and

governments who support people who face barriers to employment. These include new immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities and older workers.

Edmonton, Alberta, August 26, 2019

MatchWork, in partnership with the University of Alberta, has been selected as one of the 25

projects across Canada to receive Catalyst funding in 2019-20. Other project partners include

the University of Waterloo, the University of Sheffield (UK), Covenant Health, CARP (Canadian

Association for Retired Persons) and the Canadian Home Care Association. These projects will

form the basis of AGE-WELL NCE’s future Core Research Program for 2020 - 2023.

The MatchWork partnership will focus on the Financial Wellness & Employment Challenge Area

by enhancing the employability of older workers and family caregivers. These two particularly

vulnerable groups have received little attention until recently. The proposed project will deploy

MatchWork’s cloud platform, which is designed to help overcome employment barriers, to serve

the employment needs of these two vulnerable populations, and extend its reach across


MatchWork’s core technology platform is developed using collaborative, human-centred design,

to help people overcome employment barriers by translating their unique skills into viable

employment pathways. The platform enables employers, employment service organizations and

governments to get useful data to inform decision making and funding.

Full news release: MatchWork Press Release